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About me

Hello! I’m Zélie, an accredited pain-management teacher, psychology graduate and counsellor.  I work one-to-one, in person and online, with people who live with chronic pain, using a highly effective mind-body-stress approach called Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT).

My interest in this mind-body connection began as I looked for ways to manage my own pain 30 years ago.  At first, I focused on getting rid of my pain, but despite excellent treatment, it persisted.  From there I moved onto mindfulness and meditation, and although this helped, my psychology training told me I needed more.  Then I discovered new research that showed how our thoughts and feelings, especially around stress and trauma, can strongly influence our perception of pain, causing us extra, unnecessary suffering. 


Pain Reprocessing Therapy: a new way of thinking

This science-based approach made so much sense to me. Using the PRT model, I began to work with my whole experience (known as the biopsychosocial approach), rather than simply focusing on my pain.  Gradually, I could see how it all fitted together.  By using a mixture of methods and techniques, my pain problems – and my life – improved beyond measure.  My greatest pleasure now is to share these skills with others in pain, and to see them move on with their lives in ways they never thought possible.


‘Nothing is permanent about our thoughts and behaviours

 except our belief that they are so’

                                                                                                                                               Moshe Feldenkrais

Working together

We focus on this mind-body connection using a combination of methods, tailored to fit your needs. Pain Reprocessing Therapy, together with mindfulness and breathing exercises, will help you to reinforce new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving around your pain.


Time for a change!

The results can be dramatic. Using these methods, it is possible to make huge progress in breaking the pain cycle, radically reducing your experience of fear and pain, improving self-awareness and enabling you to build a fulfilling and rewarding life.

I love the work I do because I know how much persistent pain hurts, in every way.  It is easy to lose hope and feel nothing will be the same again.  But when you turn towards your pain, explore its origins and learn how to guide yourself beyond it, pain can lose its power forever.

Course details

We will cover:

  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • The breathing body
  • Rewiring the brain – somatic tracking and changing the pain signals
  • Chronic pain and fear
  • Childhood stress and trauma – how it can feed your pain
  • Moving without fear
  • Acceptance and Self-Compassion, learning to calm your inner critic
  • Finding the light again – living life with pleasure not pain!

Each session lasts 90 minutes and includes handouts.


Contact information and availability

  • Mobile:  07791 116 441
  • Hours: Monday to Thursday 9 - 5.30pm
  • Fee: £50 per hour, reduction for those on a low income
  • I work on a one-to-one basis, both in person and on Zoom
  • I welcome enquiries and referrals from medical and health professionals



‘We were unable to help a patient with chronic pain any further.  No procedure was appropriate so I therefore suggested she came to you.  She messaged me today to say how useful your online mindfulness course was and she was grateful for the suggestion.  Such a service is essential for patients with chronic pain.  I am sure I will recommend you again to patients who are struggling.’

Practice Manager, Cheltenham Spine Clinic    2021


‘For 30 years I thought my pain was in my body and now I know my brain and mind play a big part too.  It helped that Zélie has experienced chronic pain and I felt she really understood what I was going through.  The course was extremely useful in helping me to understand and manage my pain better.  I would recommend it.’

JW   2019

‘I went to work this morning for the first time in a year with no back or pelvis support on and I managed the pain through breathing and it made such a difference I couldn’t believe it, so I’m really looking forward to the next few months.  Thank you so much.’

E.  2021


‘I just wished to say that my balance, health and well-being is much better.  I am being much more gentle and kind to myself.  I still do the guided meditation of connecting with my body and breath most mornings.’

TB  2021


‘I’ve had two serious health scares recently and I do not think I would have been able to cope if it wasn’t for the meditation and breathing techniques you taught me.  So I want to say a huge thank you to you.  Your teachings are a wonderful gift and made a real difference.’

SB  (COPD sufferer) 2021


‘Thank you for the link to pain and breath meditations.  Certainly I have more hopeful days and times of less pain.  Thank you for your time and kindness.’

JR  2020


‘I have suffered lower back pain for over 30 years and it had begun to completely take over my life.  No holidays, rarely stopping away from home and becoming reliant on drugs, injections and anything else that promised some relief.

The constant boom and bust of each episode was ruling my life, my mindset was getting ever more negative and I was resigned to this being it for the remainder of my life.

A physio recommended Zélie and 8 sessions later I have improved beyond recognition.  Just ask my long-suffering wife who says I am a changed man!

Zélie has been through the process and is so empathic, professional and puts so much effort in.

I urge anyone to do this.  It enhanced my life, giving me back my confidence and reducing the need for copious drugs, belts, injections and creams of all description.

You owe it to yourself to go…this testimonial gives me one more chance to thank Zélie who has truly improved me as a person and dramatically changed my thought processes towards my condition.’

CD    2018


‘I’ve been suffering with pain for a very long time.  My life seemed to be consumed by pain, and with no specific answers I started to decline.  I blamed myself, and life, at times, seemed unbearable.  I distanced myself from my family and friends and felt very isolated.

I connected with Zélie straight away and felt like I’d found someone at last who understood.  I had fought my pain and buried my emotions but as I became more aware of my thoughts and reactions I started to think differently.  During the meditations I was surprised to find myself thinking positively!

Each session I’ve taken on board a new tool to help me live a happier life.  I feel more positive and my family have noticed.  The negative signals still pop up occasionally on my bad days, but now I know how to deal with them.

I’ve learned how to take pleasure in the small things in life.  I had a particularly happy day recently and realised that I hadn’t felt like that in years!

I would urge anyone suffering from chronic pain, stress and anxiety to try mindfulness with Zélie.  I could not have imagined that after two months of working with her I would be feeling as I do now!’

KM  - 2019



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