Why is your core important?

Correct activation of you deep core muscles is the key to breaking the cycle of recurrent back pain.

It is well documented that back pain inhibits or switches off the very muscles that should be stabilising your spine therefore just treating your spine will never really get you anywhere. As a patient you just enter a vicious cycle of pain, endless treatment and mismanagement which can go on for years.

We make it our mission for you to avoid this trap. Once we have restored your normal spinal movements and addressed your pain, it is time to teach you how to fire up those deep core muscles again and retrain how they work.

Once you can stabilise your core muscles in the correct way we make the exercises more dynamic and involve more  functional activities. Then the strength work can begin! Most of us are guilty of not being strong enough for the demands we place on our bodies whether that’s in a sporting or work environment. It is our aim to get you stable and then get you strong. 

We have many tricks to help you achieve this but by far the best way is using diagnostic ultrasound which enables you to see your muscles working. We also use equipment such as gym balls, bands, TRX and weights. We can also refer you to one of our physio led Pilates classes.




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