Nicky Hope Hall

Nicky qualified from the University of Birmingham in 1999.  She started her working life in London Teaching Hospitals quickly specialising in Orthopaedics and musculoskeletal injuries and embarking on postgraduate education.

Nicky left London in 2003 to follow her husband's military career, still determined to see hers progress.  She worked in England, Wales and Scotland in NHS and private settings developing clinical, teaching and leadership skills.  She's been a clinical educator and mentor to students and physios and developed self referral services in NHS hospitals and educational and exercise programmes on pain and injury recovery.

Since 2011 she's divided her professional time between the MoD and private work.  She enjoys helping people return to what they want to do; whether that's high performance or sitting at a desk.  Everyone experiences pain in life but everyone's experience of pain is different.  Nicky's motivation and results are driven by understanding, providing thorough assessments, giving honest advice and facilitating effective rehab.  She is passionate about good clinical care and can open doors to improved performance and encourage resilience to future injury.  She is competent in acupuncture and a member of the AACP.

Nicky enjoys any outdoor activity and has a love of learning anything new about treating pain or injury.  She is often running whilst listening to podcasts.

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