Sports Injuries

At Back into Action we believe all our patients should be treated like they are elite athletes.

Between us we have years of hands on experience working with a variety of squads of elite athletes on and off the pitch from rugby to swimming, badminton to hockey, tennis to rowing. As physios we also practise what we preach and play a lot of sport ourselves from skiing to cycling, eventing to triathlon and we find it really helps us to understand you. 

Sports injuries can be acute, chronic or just keep recurring, stopping you from doing what you enjoy most. We need to get to the root of the problem so in order to do this we need to assess the biomechanics of your whole system and see you on the move. 

Your foot pain may be related to poor control of your hip muscles, your lower back pain to a stiff thoracic spine. This is the bit we love - it is never quite what you expect - we like to use our clinical reasoning skills to work it out and make it sports specific.

It is also important to factor in your training and your recovery, to teach you why your core is important, to stabilise and strengthen your system. It is not all about the mileage you know!!!!

If your injury needs further investigations, or even surgery, we can recommend you to one of our tried and tested consultants. We can help, advise and rehabilitate all the way back to the sports field, pool, court or track. 

We are endorsed by lots of local sports clubs: Tewkesbury Tri Club, Almost Athletes, Old Pats Rugby Club, Cheltenham Harriers, Gloucester City Swimmers, Gloucester Tri Club, Upton Rugby Club, St Peters School Gloucester, Tewkesbury Running Club, Worcester Tri Club, Eastnor Cricket Club, The Athlete Academy as well as many individual elite athletes. 

Great British Duathlete and Professional Iron Woman          Flo Pickles, Great British Rower         Jonty Evans Professional Event Rider

Michelle Parsons - GB Duathlon & Iron Man, Flo Pickles - GB Rowing, Jonty Evans - Irish Event Rider
Mark Hughes, Professional Iron ManMark Hughes - Iron Man
John Parkinson, Professional Extreme SkierJohn Parkinson - Extreme Skier


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