We have helped hundreds of people over the years, here are a few of their testimonials...

Clare at Back into Action has done an amazing job getting me back on my feet again after a nasty calf muscle tear. The challenge was not only to get me walking again, but 7 weeks later I was due to go skiing. With Clare's expert care, treatment and advice, I was soon able to dispense with the crutches and able to notch up over 20  hours of fantastic skiing, so a huge thank you to Clare for making it possible!

Carol Rabbette


Back into Action and Clare have provided me fantastic treatment and support over a number of years to enable me to perform in Elite sport as an Assistant Referee on the Premier League. Without her skills, support, knowledge and guidance on training, I would not be able to perform at the highest level. From short term quick recovery treatments with muscle release to longer term programs of strength and conditioning techniques, her skills are endless. I receive all round first class care and treatment and I would highly recommend Clare and Back into Action.


Derek Eaton - Premier League Assistant Referee


I would like to thank Lucy for her excellent service: punctuality, dedication, hard work, high skills and knowledge and personality.I am very pleased with the treatment received by Lucy during 5 physio sessions and outcomes.I will 100%recommend your service to my friends and colleagues.

 Nadejda Anslow


At the end of last year I came to you with sports injuries to my calves. With a combination of exercises and videos of my running style we managed to solve the problem. Yesterday I completed the Cleevewold 14 race, my first since receiving treatment at Backintoaction. I completed the course with no injuries and 6 minutes quicker than last year. Thank you very much to all the staff and especially to Laura who was my sports Physio.

Mark Collins 

I have visited Back into Action a few times in the past 5 years. I like their straightforward and professional approach and importantly each time they have been able to sort out my problem within just one session. Most recently I had experienced shoulder and neck pain with a persistent headache over several weeks. The relief was immediate, the headache has gone and hasn't returned and I've slept the best I have in weeks and am moving freely. I frequently recommend Back into Action to colleagues and friends who have all experienced the same great service that I have. 

Harriet Keen 

"I saw James for an up to date bike fit. After over 50 years of cycling ,including competitions, this was the best MOT I have had. The combination of physiotherapy & bike fit is so very useful, plus the excellent advice given for some further simple exercises. Having had two injuries this year ( cracked ribs /broken collar bone ) they left me feeling just not "too comfortable". Never happened before--- always recover very well. Thanks to James.

Steve Webb 

"I’ve been reading and re-reading the testimonials on this website, wondering whether posting yet another improbable, glowing and enthusiastic story about how Clare and Angela gave a patient their life back might seem a bit too much.  Well, at Back Into Action the improbable does happen and my story is no different!  Twenty three years ago I hurt my back, resulting in long term, crippling pain, and I was led to believe that I would never again lead a pain-free life.  After 20 years of ‘maintenance’ treatment which did no more than keep me upright while in constant pain and regular physical (and often mental) crisis, someone told me about Clare.  By the time we met I think she would agree that I was a physical and emotional wreck: I hadn’t worked since 1993 nor been abroad on holiday. I hadn’t picked anything up from the floor without a grip stick for 20 years and I was terrified of being hurt further by anyone who tried to treat me (and many had).  My whole life had become about survival, not living, avoiding any activity or movement which could make things worse.  In fact, the first thing I did when I met Clare was to hand her a sheet of paper listing all the parts of my back she couldn’t touch, which was pretty much most of it.  Poor Clare!  But anyone who knows how much she loves a challenge will also be able to imagine how her eyes lit up, and by the end of our first session she had given me something I thought I’d never feel again: hope.  I could be fixed, she said, and Life was waiting for me if I wanted it. I burst into tears.  

Within six weeks Clare had got me moving properly for the first time since my original injury and then I met her colleague, Angela, to start rehab.  Angela too, has the patience of a saint and seemingly unending knowledge and skills.  If I needed to talk – which was often - she’d listen, knowing that my fear of movement and pain needed treating as much as my body.  If I was scared of trying something, she’d give me the confidence to do it.  She believed in me, just as Clare had, when I didn’t.  Very soon I was doing exercises at home, something I couldn’t have imagined, and soon after that, I was able to use the hydrotherapy pool and join Back Into Action’s pilates class.  The joy I felt during those early months has never dulled.  

Three years on I still take huge delight in being able to do the smallest things, from putting away the ironing board to picking up something from the floor.  And if I have a set-back I’m not scared anymore!  I know what to do, and if I don’t, Clare, Angela and the rest of her talented team are always there to reassure and help me.  Every week I swim, walk and do pilates and yoga.  Oh, and I’ve flown to Lanzerote!  Simple and glorious, fearless, thoughtless movement which I would never have known if I hadn’t met Clare and Angela.  Thank you both – you really have given me my life back!"

Mrs C

"Massive Thank you" to all at "Back into Action" (but especially poor James who had to put up with endless visits from me in the build up!!!) - the Marathon was just totally amazing.

Juliet Weston, London Marathon 2015 in 4 hours & 7 Minutes

Back into Action you are amazing! Always kind and knowledgable, I genuinely don't know where I would be without your expertise. A truly super team, we are very grateful.  

Lizzie and Steve Threadingham

What a great team!  Back into Action have always helped in getting my body ready for all of my challenges and my long swims. Awesome guys!

David Granger - Channel Swimmer

When I first found Back into Action I was suffering from Pelvic Girdle Pain after the birth of my daughter who was 3 years old. I was mostly bed ridden, unable to walk, travelled only to hospital via stretcher and ambulance. The pain was completely debilitating. I lived on a nasty concoction of morphine, amitriptyline and many other drugs.

Now 18 months on Back into Action have brought me back to the world of living. I am now walking, driving, riding a bike and playing with my 2 young children and a wonderful husband.   Back into Action has succeeded where the NHS didn’t know what to do with me.

Back into Action is an amazing place, they look at you holistically. I have been helped by physio, hydro, pilates, women’s health and nutrition advice.

Thank you, Thank you with all my heart.

I’m back, hello world!!!

Jo Lane

 Back into Action Physiotherapy have helped me both in preparation for major competitions, but also in remedial work after accidents and injury. Without them I would not have achieved several career highs. I owe a lot to their hard work and dedication to helping their clients. Thank you guys. J x

Jonty Evans, Event Rider

Highly recommended to anyone in need of physiotherapy. 'Back into Action' does what it says on the tin. The extensive knowledge and expertise of the team have fixed many of my friends and family. I personally would not go anywhere else!

Paula Roughley

I came to see clare with limited mobility and in constant pain. Clare was amazing and helped cure me! I am now pain free and even jogging. I cannot thank clare enough. I'm now pregnant with second baby.

Carly Jandu

Clare and her colleagues have mended my team, my family & me.  They have speedily & efficiently put us “Back into Action” on too many occasions to remember!  This has saved us time & money. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Back into Action - especially if speed of mending is important! 

Penelope Bossom

Brilliant team & great location. James fixed my back & ankle after 2 nasty falls & I love Natalies pilates class. Everything you need under one roof!


The very best thing about Back into Action is there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel. No lengthy timetables of endless costly treatment; simply this is what you need and this is how we'll fix you. And I've been fixed every time, with no need for repeat visits for the same ailment; just fixed! I'd recommend Back into Action to everyone, and regularly do!

Sarah Speakman

 Back into Action have mended me when broken too many times. While others take multiple appointments and offer general improvement, Back into Action get to the nub of the problem. And fix it :-)

Sally Walker

Back into Action - they do exactly what it says on the tin!   They can re-build you!  Never has physio been such fun!   You go into a consulting room in pain and come out laughing!

Sue Taylor

What a joy to find Back into Action Pilates so near to my home.  So great to feel fitter with the gentle stretching and exercise.  As a result of joining the class I now see physio Clare who has addressed my knee and hip problems.  Joy of joys to feel more supple again!

Angela Lloyd - Jones

As an ultramarathon runner, I have been a patient of Clare’s at Back Into Action for over five years. I always find her ‘hands-on’ approach to treatment very effective and now incorporate regular visits as part of a maintenance aspect to my training. She will always do her utmost to resolve issues as quickly as realistically possible, enabling you to return to normality quickly, and not require you to commit to repeat sessions unless absolutely necessary. I have, and will continue to recommend her services to others whether they be of a ‘sporty’ nature or not, as she is an exceptionally skilled Physiotherapist.

Nick Lewis

Just had to say a mahoosive thank you to the Pelvic Partnership and Clare Woodward at Back into Action. On December 27 last year I suddenly had the sensation of my pelvis splitting. I promptly and ever so slightly dramatically fainted in the work car park and then spent months off work unable to walk without pain. My doctors said SPD had come back - 10 years after having it when pregnant and pain relief was the only option.

An Osteopath did electro therapy for months whilst saying nothing really wrong and then via a blog I found I discovered Back into Action & rang up. I then saw Clare and basically sobbed hysterically on her. In fairness she is probably due some form of commendation for putting up with me. She took one look at me and knew what was wrong. Words cannot even describe the emotions of having been told nothing was wrong and/or that it was in my head  and that only pain relief would work, to then find someone actually knowing what was wrong. I hobbled in limping and unable to bend, and left walking and nearly able to touch my toes.

I try not to even think about what life would be like if I hadn't discovered the Pelvic Partnership, Back into Action and met Clare. You are amazing and a brilliant support and service and Clare , well even my children think she's pretty much one down from god in terms of a miracle worker and as my friends say "must have the patience of a saint to put up with my anxiety and constant chatter". X

PGP Patient

Just want to send you a big thank you for getting me back into action.  I'm like an owl with my neck and can't stop waving my arm about, people think I'm very strange!  Once again thank you.

Elaine Summers

Clare has worked with me for 7 plus years.  without her continued care and expertise I would not be able to be the active mobile person that I am today.  She has changed my life and given me the confidence to attempt physical activities & succeed.  Clare is a true professional and I have referred many people to her and have benefitted immensely from her practice.  I have no hesitation in recommending her clinic to anyone.


I went to see Clare on the recommendation of the Pelvic Partnership when my second daughter was 6 months old. I had been suffering pelvic girdle pain symptoms for a year, and could only walk very short distances despite regular treatment from an osteopath. Within a few minutes Clare had diagnosed the underlying problem and "unstuck" a sacro-iliac joint. Clare's friendly, positive approach gave me enormous confidence in her ability to fix the problem. She gave me a structured programme of core strengthening exercises and, eighteen months on, I am able to run, swim, cycle and even ski...it is almost as if the pelvic girdle pain had never happened!


After 20 years of being told by the NHS that “that’s the best you can hope for!”  Also told by my GP to learn to live “without bonding” when my daughters were 2 years and 3 months old”.   I came to see Clare as a “last resort”.  She has literally changed my life!  Clare diagnosed PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) and started to relieve my pain and get me going and I eventually began to believe that I would be able to walk virtually pain free and start exercising again.

I now walk, swim, cycle and enjoy life again, Clare gave me the confidence to get my life back together and restart doing the fun things that I had been unable to do previously.

Prolotherapy for a woman with a major needle phobia was a huge hurdle but again life changing. Clare supported me through this very stressful part of the treatment and again gave me confidence to proceed with my repaired body! Thank you Clare!

PGP Patient


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