Pilates Classes and Reformer 1-1's

We have yet to restart our Pilates classes at the clinic but plan to do so later in the year.

Zoe is teaching the following classes at Overbury Village Hall

Tuesdays - 9.45am and 11am

Thursdays - 6pm and 7.15pm

Fridays - 9.45am and 11am

and is also offering Zoom Classes too.

Kirsty is running a 9.15am Wednesday class at Kemerton Village Hall.

Classes are £10 and run in terms of 6 weeks with payment (£60) being due at the start of each term.

Please contact the clinic for availability and to reserve your space.

We can also offer individual sessions on our Pilates Reformer. This incredibly versatile piece of equipment works using a moving platform and the resistance of springs to tone and strengthen the body as well as increasing flexibility . Please call or email if you would like to find out more or book a 1-1 session.

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