Ultra-sound Scanner

We recognise that correct abdominal activation is essential in resolving recurrent, chronic and debilitating back pain.

Let’s face it, most of you know where your abdominals are, but that’s about it!!!   We have all seen the confused looks when we ask you to “pull in your transverse abdominals” ????

That’s fine, we understand, that is why you need to see them working on a screen (or not as is often the case!) and so do we.  We use a diagnostic ultrasound scanner; it’s just like when you see a baby scan.

We will identify the different layers of your abdominal muscles and then you can watch them contract and relax. Once you can recruit and stabilise your transverse abdominus the main core muscle, then we can make your rehab more functional teaching you to stabilise your spine while you perform more dynamic activities.

Patients often describe this as a real “eureka moment” when they can both see and feel their core muscles working and the starting point of resolving their back or pelvic pain once and for all. 


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